No two countries or product-market combinations are the same, and intensive cooperation with the client and knowledge of the European market are vital elements for success.

1. General market scan, market analysis and segmentation of products.

The analysis provides up-to-date information and an impression of the latest market developments and demographic and economic factors that directly affect the further development of the market and market options.

Based on the details and specifications provided and the requirement a market analysis is carried out to identity the distribution options, segmentation and local product possibilities. Suggestions for changes to the product are made if necessary.

2. Individual and specific market approach.

Together with the client and the input obtained we develop an initial market strategy for the export product or production options based on the market analysis.

This approach results in a general listing of potential importers, distributors or local production options that meet the set criteria.

The set criteria can also be taken as a basis for making a shortlist, possibly including a due diligence to clarify the prospect’s financial position.

Following consultation with the client we can carry out the necessary activities for the client based on the shortlist or leave the selection and implementation to the client himself.

3. Support in Europe.

We can support Dutch clients in Europe ourselves and monitor their interests.

Intensive partnership with the client in the Netherlands, knowledge of European culture and customs as well as knowledge of the language are the keys to success in Europe.

It is of great importance to establish changes in the market at an early stage. Market information, adaptation and monitoring the client’s interests guarantee a long-term and close partnership with European clients.

We also offer our clients the following options:

  • Carrying out the initial visits and negotiations and reports in Europe.
  • providing direct support for visits and negotiations.
  • Legal support for the formation of contracts and, if necessary, establishment.
  • Tax exemptions and repatriation of capital and profits.
  • Subsidy options.

Based on our experience we can also offer Dutch companies support in and concerning  Arabic and Asian countries and markets.